Are Bad Teeth Hereditary? It’s Not The End Yet

Are Bad Teeth Hereditary? It's Not The End Yet | Junior Smiles of Stafford
Are Bad Teeth Hereditary? It’s Not The End Yet | Junior Smiles of Stafford

There is a lot of tooth decay, crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, and yellow teeth. All of these oral health factors are things that some people attribute to their parents because they believe in genetic factors. Certain people may be more prone to cavities than others. Furthermore, your genes may be to blame if you’ve ever wondered why it seems like you have a cavity forming every time you go to the dentist.

Are Bad Teeth Hereditary?

Bacteria that feed on sugars in the food we eat produce cavities. Worn-out covering of teeth (also called tooth enamel) results from tooth erosion caused by the acid produced by these bacteria. This could increase your risk for cavities. Also, factors such as a diet high in sugar or poor oral hygiene can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and the development of cavities. Your genes might also impact the appearance and condition of your teeth.

Here’s how genetics affect your oral health:


Genes affect the production of your teeth. It’s easier for fluoride and calcium to get into your body if your teeth have a firm enamel surface. Having a thinner enamel could make it easier for cavities and tooth pain to happen.

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Saliva can be used to detect polymorphisms or gene variants that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, it can rinse bacteria and plaque from the mouth, but there’s more chance of gum disease, cavities, and other dental health issues if you don’t make enough of it.

Immune System

Your ability to resist infections plays a vital part in your oral health. People with a strong immune system are less likely to suffer from tooth decay, severe gum disease (periodontitis), and other oral health issues. 

Can You Be Born With Bad Teeth?

The bacteria that cause tooth decay are not present in our mouths at birth. They are typically acquired shortly afterward, most likely from other family members, and frequently around the first teeth begin to develop. In fact, most cavities are entirely avoidable, regardless of one’s genetic composition.

Overcoming Genetics

While you cannot change your inherited genes, you can maintain a healthy smile through proper oral health habits. Here are numerous ways to maintain your mouth healthy:

Proper dental hygiene

Dentists can’t stress this enough: excellent dental care protects you from any dental disease. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least three times a day play a good role in your oral health. Consider using a fluoride mouthwash as part of your dental hygiene routine, especially if you have difficulty producing enough saliva.

Avoid unhealthy diet

You might not know this, but the food and drinks you consume are also risk factors for cavities and other dental health issues. Sugary foods and drinks encourage bad bacteria in your mouth and contribute to the sticky plaque. If this is not avoided, you can acquire more oral issues. It would be best to have a healthy diet and consume more fruits and leafy veggies. Drinking plenty of water instead of sugary drinks would also work!

Regularly visit your dentist

It would help if you visited the dentist more often. Consider having a professional cleaning more often than once every six months.

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