What to Do With Gaps in Your Baby’s Front Teeth

What to Do With Gaps in Your Baby's Front Teeth
What to Do With Gaps in Your Baby’s Front Teeth | Junior Smiles of Stafford

Your beautiful teeth serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Healthy teeth are also an indicator of a person’s overall well-being. Temporary primary teeth, more commonly referred to as baby teeth, are critical to a child’s growth and development.

Whether you are a first-time parent or not, noticing those gaps between baby teeth is always a struggle. You may be tempted to fill them with composite resin, but this is not recommended, as it can cause tooth decay and other dental problems down the road.

Gaps are entirely normal; however, it would be best to know more about them!

Gapped Teeth Causes

The most common reason for a gap between the two upper teeth in front is a fraenum that sits lower than normal. The upper lip is attached to the upper gum by a fold of skin known as the fraenum. Try putting up your upper lip and feeling for it.

  • Small teeth: Having small teeth may allow the tooth gap to develop.
  • Large jaws: Some jaws are pretty big compared to the teeth size.
  • Missing teeth: One or two teeth may be absent from a child’s jawline when born. Some of these teeth get lodged in the bone and don’t come out, resulting in a tooth gap.
  • Natural development: Teeth often have gaps between them to allow for the eruption of the larger adult teeth. As more adult teeth arrive, especially the canine teeth, they tend to fill in any gaps that may have formed between teeth when they first erupted.
  • Extra teeth: If there are extra teeth in the bone, it may prevent other teeth from coming through, resulting in a tooth gap.
  • Lingual fraenum: This connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. In a severe tongue-tie case (a disorder caused by a restrictive fraenum that prevents the tongue from protruding out over the lips), the fraenum may cause a gap in the lower jaw’s front teeth.
  • Bad habits: Some poor habits, such as tongue thrusting and thumb-sucking, might lead to a gap between the teeth.

Will These Gaps Close On Their Own?

Baby tooth gaps are quite common. In most instances, these gaps can close on their own as a result of growth and time.

Six to nine months after the eruption of the primary teeth, the front teeth may have a gap and the fraenum may be attached low to the gum. By the age of one, the fraenum may have shrunk, and additional teeth may have erupted and filled in any gaps.

As more adult permanent teeth erupt, spaces between adult front teeth typically close on their own.

Tooth Gaps Treatment Options

There may be issues with the bite due to a significant gap between the upper front teeth, so you should consult with your dentist before making any changes. If treatment is necessary, your dentist can let you know your options and when you should begin it. It’s crucial to get the timing right.

  • Surgery
  • Fixed appliance
  • Removable appliance

An orthodontist can begin preventative treatment sooner if you bring your child sees as soon as possible.

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Although gaps in your baby’s front teeth may seem like a cosmetic issue, it is important to have them fixed as soon as possible. Left untreated, these gaps can cause problems with chewing and speech development.  Get in touch with the  most reputable pediatric dentist and schedule preventative care. We offer the skills and equipment necessary to make your child’s dental appointments joyful and stress-free.

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