How to Properly Take Care of Baby Gums

How to Properly Take Care of Baby Gums | Junior Smiles of Stafford

Dental care is vital for everyone, but what about baby teeth? Baby teeth are already inside your child’s jaws at birth. Dentists suggest that teeth and gum care should begin even before the first baby tooth comes in. 

Teething will go more smoothly if your kid has healthy gums. In addition, the sooner you start caring for your child’s dental health, the sooner it will develop a habit that one day, many years down the line, you will carry over to them. To ensure a happy and healthy baby, learn how to maintain their gums clean and healthy.

Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Keep your child’s healthy teeth by preventing baby bottle tooth decay. Tooth decay and gum disease can result from long-term exposure to milk and juice’s natural sugars.

Make sure to keep their pacifiers clean and brush their first tooth often after it erupts. Until they have all of their permanent teeth, keep brushing their gums. It is also not advisable to give them a bottle in bed. Lastly, help them brush their teeth properly until they can do it independently.

Get rid of sugary foods

Stay away from sweets at all costs, and replace them with mashed carrots, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower. It has a mild sweetness to it without being overpoweringly sweet. Most individuals, including babies, enjoy sweet, sugary foods and beverages. Tooth decay and gum disease can be caused by bacteria that thrive in sugary diets.

Maintain their clean gums

Teething starts around their 6th month. As soon as your infant shows signs of teething, begin cleaning their gums. You can generally tell when they’re fussy and their gums are red and swollen. You can use a finger or damp gauze to massage them softly. Soreness is relieved by using a cool finger or gauze. In addition to removing bacteria accumulation, this is also a calming teething cure that is safe to use.

Transition to brushing

You see their first tooth poke out and grab their toothbrush. That’s right. It’s time to brush. Just a grain of rice on the brush is all they’ll require. But at this level of the parental game, fluoride-free is the way to go as they’re not old enough to spit out the toothpaste. Be sure to brush twice a day, gently and thoroughly, just like us. Healthy teeth make for happy gums.

Prevent early tooth decay

Only breast milk or formula is sufficient for infants aged 0 to 6 months. Small amounts of water can be given to breastfed and formula-fed infants over the age of six months. Keep your child away from sugary drinks. Once your kid begins eating solids, you should also steer clear of sugary foods.

Teeth brushing alone will not entirely protect your child from tooth decay. Diet and how you feed your infant are other crucial considerations.

Regular dental check-ups

It’s important to visit your dentist regularly. When you go to the dentist, they will look at your baby’s teeth and gums. They will talk to you about how to care for your baby’s teeth and answer any questions you have.

Whether you want to go to your regular dentist or a pediatric dentist for specialized care, it’s up to you.

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