How Long is the Healing Time For Baby Tooth Extractions?

How Long is the Healing Time For Baby Tooth Extractions? | Junior Smiles Of Stafford

One of the many things parents have to worry about regarding their children is their oral health. When your child needs a baby tooth extracted, you may be wondering how long the healing process will take. In most cases, the healing time is relatively short and shouldn’t cause any significant disruption to your child’s daily routine.

Here we’ll provide a general overview of the healing process for baby tooth extractions and some tips to help speed along the healing process.

Tooth Extraction Procedures for Children

When a child is six to twelve months old, they will begin to lose their first set of primary teeth. A child’s ability to eat and chew is greatly aided by these temporary teeth, or baby teeth until the permanent ones are ready to emerge. To maintain their integrity, proper dental hygiene is needed.

Injury-related tooth decay or severe damage may need a pediatric tooth extraction. Teeth are often extracted when crowded or when there is not enough room for permanent teeth to erupt.

The experienced dentist uses an x-ray to examine the bone and roots of the teeth to begin the treatment for the extraction of a child’s tooth. The tooth is rotated in the socket with a pair of forceps, and the periodontal ligaments attached to the jawbone are slowly separated while the tooth is pulled out.

Nitrous gas or other safe sedation measures may be used if the extraction operation includes the removal of gum tissue so the youngster does not experience any pain.

The surgeon uses gel foam to fill in the hole left by the extraction in the socket. It’ll fall out on its own after about a day. During the first 24-48 hours following surgery, slight blood may leak from the wound. It is usual to experience bleeding or a reddish hue to the saliva flow, not causing alarm. The natural healing process is much quicker when a baby tooth is out than when an adult tooth is extracted.

Child Recovery

During dental surgery, children are likely to be given sleeping medication. It is determined by the child’s age and the procedure being performed.

Pain, bleeding, or swelling occurs following the procedure. Your youngster may be given pain medication. After the process, the pain should gradually subside.

Tooth extractions, root canals, and gum surgery are all examples of dental surgical operations.

This care sheet will give you an estimate of how long it will take your child to recover. However, each child recovers at a different rate. Follow the instructions below to assist your child in getting better as soon as possible.

Caring For Your Child At Home

Taking care of your child correctly after the procedure will improve the healing period. This care guide below will answer your questions about wound healing and toddler tooth extraction aftercare. 


The length of time your child feels numb depends on the amount and type of anesthesia they receive. Keep an eye on your child’s mouth while it is still numb, so they don’t accidentally eat their tongue or cheek. Until the numbness from their teeth extractions disappears, babies should only be fed liquids and liquid foods; make sure you avoid feeding them solid foods. A straw may disrupt the blood clot and hinder the infant from receiving proper healing. Contact the pediatric dental care provider if the numbness persists for more than a few hours.

Swelling and Pain

The tooth extraction may cause some little discomfort and swelling in your child for a few days following the dental procedure. Applying cold compresses or ice packs to their face for 20 minutes will help alleviate this. Contact the pediatric dental practice immediately if these symptoms persist or worsen.


Before the kid leaves the pediatric dental care practice, a gauze pack will be placed on the tooth extraction site to avoid bleeding while the blood clot forms. After leaving the dental clinic, this gauze should be left in place for around 45 minutes to assist stop any bleeding. After the gauze is removed, if bleeding persists, follow these steps:

  • Clean gauze should be folded into a thick pad and soaked in warm water before being applied to the extraction site.
  • For around 30 minutes, have the child bite down on the pad with their teeth closed over the pad. As necessary, clean the pad and replace it.
  • Call the pediatric dental office if the bleeding persists for more than 30 minutes.


Give your child soft foods such as gelatin, pudding, or thin soups. As your youngster recovers, gradually introduce solid foods. In about a week, your child will be able to consume solid foods again.

Do not allow your youngster to drink from a straw for the first few days after tooth extraction. It can break up the blood clot that forms after surgery by sucking on a straw. Healing may be delayed if this occurs.


Your dentist may offer you specific advice on when your child can return to normal activities, such as playing sports or going back to school, as well as how long it will take to heal. Allow time for the wound to heal completely. Do not allow your youngster to walk or lift anything heavy until they are feeling better. When your child is feeling fatigued, encourage them to rest.

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