Can A Child Get Braces With Baby Teeth?

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Can A Child Get Braces With Baby Teeth? | Junior Smiles Of Stafford

Braces are an orthodontic treatment to correct crowding, crookedness, gaps, and misaligned teeth. Doing so can make it easier to clean your teeth and reduce the likelihood of developing cavities and gum disease. They can also improve your appearance by resulting in straighter and perfect teeth.

Braces are typically made from metal, although some versions are now made from ceramic. They consist of brackets glued to the teeth and a wire threaded between them. The wire gradually tightens over time, resulting in the teeth’ movement.

Braces are a common thing among teenagers with alignment issues. However, is it okay for children to have treatment with braces even if they still have their baby teeth? Should a child let their permanent teeth erupt before getting this treatment option? There are a lot of questions about children having this kind of treatment plan; this blog is your answer.

Is It Okay To Start Braces With Baby Teeth?

As long as the majority of baby teeth fall out, most dentists and orthodontists prefer to wait for the majority of the permanent adult teeth to come in before starting orthodontic treatment. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about braces for your child if they’ve lost all but one or two of their milk teeth. Dentists might begin orthodontic treatment early for a variety of reasons, including these dental issues:


A child’s overbite is best corrected through their adolescent growth spurt, which can coincide with the loss of their temporary teeth.


Starting treatment with braces while the final four baby molars are still in place is common practice among experienced orthodontists. Adult teeth are smaller than the last four baby molars. Orthodontists can take advantage of the extra space when the primary teeth fall out to alleviate crowded teeth.


When the upper jaw is small, or there is a crossbite, early treatment or interceptive treatment is frequently required. If you still have some of your milk teeth, you’ll be at this stage of treatment.

Extra Teeth

Some kids may have too many or too few baby teeth, which can affect how their jaws grow in the future.

As soon as your child’s first permanent teeth erupt, you may wish to consult with an orthodontist about the possibility of braces. Your child’s braces can be placed after the milk teeth have fallen out so that the orthodontist can feel confident about doing so.

Seek Early Consultation

The American Orthodontic Association states that worried parents should make an orthodontic appointment as soon as they notice a problem with their child’s teeth. Even if the parents don’t think there’s anything wrong, they might want to take their child to an orthodontist at age seven. By this age, orthodontists can see very small signs that a child’s teeth, jaw, or bite are not right.

Your orthodontist may advise braces or other orthodontic treatment options immediately if early treatment can help prevent severe difficulties in the future. Even so, showing up early doesn’t lock you into anything. In fact, it’s possible that the orthodontist won’t detect anything wrong.

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