How to Relieve Your Child’s Pain After Their Tooth Extraction

How to Relieve Your Child's Pain After Their Tooth Extraction
How to Relieve Your Child’s Pain After Their Tooth Extraction | Junior Smiles Of Stafford

Sometimes it’s necessary to extract a child’s teeth. Although most children’s teeth fall out independently, your dentist may require tooth extraction in rare cases. Your pediatric dentist can perform a basic tooth extraction, which involves loosening the visible baby tooth and then pulling it out. This is a simple and easy operation that just requires a local anesthetic. Local anesthesia or sedation may be necessary for more complex extractions.

Any time your child has a tooth extracted, it can be a stressful experience for them. These simple tips will help relieve their pain and make the natural healing process go more smoothly.

Tooth Extraction Procedure Aftercare

After the dental surgery, following these tips would be best to help your child’s proper healing.


Maintain pressure on the gauze pad your doctor has placed over the surgery region by having your child gently bite down on the gauze pad. If the gauze sponge becomes too dry, wet it with water. You should maintain a constant pressure for 45-60 minutes at a time or until the bleeding subsides. The gauze pack should be changed as needed. Make sure you provide a clean gauze pad to avoid infections.


Keep your child’s head raised and have them sit down to watch a movie or do something calming. Avoid strenuous physical activity until the wound has healed and the blood has clotted and formed a scab.

Ice Pack

Place ice or cold packs on the face near the extraction site to reduce edema or swelling. Ice packs can be applied to children’s cheeks for 10 to 20 minutes if necessary. For the next three days (while your child is awake) or until the swelling subsides, you should perform this procedure every one to two hours. Protect your skin from the ice by placing a small cloth in between you and it.


All prescribed medications should be taken as directed. Contact the doctor’s office immediately or go to the local emergency hospital if you notice any itching or swelling. Avoid buying over-the-counter pain medications if your child can tolerate the pain; however, if they can no longer endure the discomfort, make sure to ask your dentist for prescription pain medications.

Soft Foods

If your child has had a tooth removal, make sure they drink plenty of fluids and stick to healthy, softer foods for the first 24 hours after the dental procedure. Allowing them to drink hot beverages or using a straw is strictly prohibited. They can begin eating solid foods the following days after surgery if they are able to chew comfortably. Have the child refrain from chewing food on the side of the extraction site for the next few days. The child can resume chewing on both sides of their mouth once they are more comfortable.


For the first 24 hours after a tooth extraction, keep your child from brushing or flossing the area where the tooth was removed. Brush and floss the child’s other teeth as usual. Preventing infection and promoting healing can be as simple as letting the child gently rinse their mouth with warm salt water every day for the first few days following routine tooth extraction.

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