When Should Your Child Have a Tooth Extraction?

When Should Your Child Have a Tooth Extraction? | Junior Smiles of Stafford

When Should Your Child Have a Tooth Extraction?

Your child may never need a baby tooth pulled if they receive adequate oral care. However, in rare circumstances, removing a child’s teeth is necessary. Your youngster may need a tooth out even if they are not yet loose. Nevertheless, as a parent, it is crucial for you to know when and how to prepare your children for the encounter at the pediatric dentist.

Do you not know whether your child needs a tooth extraction? Continue reading to learn more about when a child may need a tooth extracted, what this entails, and how to prepare them.

How Are Children’s Teeth Extracted?

Extracting baby teeth can be a frightening experience for children. The majority of the time, it’s a basic process. An X-ray may be taken to inspect the root of the tooth and better understand your child’s jaw structure. To make their experience more comfortable, your pediatric dentist will provide you with information about anesthetics and nitrous oxide. You and your child’s dentist will then go over what’s about to happen and address any questions they may have.

Here are some tips you can try for the best and quality pediatric tooth extraction:

Pick the right dentist.

The first step in tooth extraction is to pick the right dentist. Make sure you choose a licensed dentist–a dentist that handles every child with care. And an office with amenities that are friendly to children; that way, they will feel more welcome and less scared of the orthodontic treatment.

Ask more about sedation

It would be best to ask your dentist for advice when deciding about this as this also depends on your child’s age. Your dentist will provide you with sedation options to make the extraction process as painless as possible.

Follow every toddler tooth extraction aftercare

After the tooth extraction process, make sure to ask all the tooth extraction aftercare questions that pop into your mind as this will help your child greatly. Your dentist will provide you with detailed and comprehensive post-extraction care instructions. Always check up on your child, and make sure they only consume soft foods and avoid straws for at least 24 hours.

Why Is It Necessary To Extract A Baby Tooth?

Extraction of baby teeth may be necessary if one or more of your child’s teeth are damaged beyond repair. Accidents, sports injuries, abscesses or infections in the bone or gum, and cavities that are too large to heal are all possible causes. In the absence of any other treatment choices, your dentist may advise extraction of the tooth in order to alleviate the pain and prevent additional damage.

Impacted tooth

Does your child have wisdom teeth? Wisdom tooth extractions are a common procedure for most people. If your child’s jaw is too narrow to support adult teeth, they may need to be removed. If you do this now, you’ll have less of a chance of needing braces in the future.


Your dentist may recommend the removal of the first set of baby teeth to make braces or orthodontics easier to fit.

Broken tooth

If your child enjoys sports or playing outside, they might be prone to injury. An extraction may be necessary if a tooth is broken due to physical trauma. In particular, this is true of teeth that were due to erupt on their own, like infant’s teeth.

Dental decay

You can treat decay in baby teeth through routine dental care. The pain and discomfort caused by untreated tooth decay can become serious complications, so it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. If it’s neglected, it could worsen, and it would need a tooth extraction procedure. 

Is Child Tooth Extraction Painful?

The process of tooth extraction can be painful for children, but the time it takes to keep them comfortable is far shorter than it is for adults. Nitrous oxide (happy gas) and topical numbing ointment may be used at our office if necessary to alleviate anxiety.

Moreover, bleeding is common in this situation. It’s not like your child’s tooth was yanked out of its socket. This is only expected to last a day or two. The dentist will place a small piece of gauze in the socket to lubricate it. Leave it there for long enough so it would result in a blood clot.

While the mouth is healing, it is critical to keep it as clean and hygienic as possible. You might want to have your youngster rinse their mouth with salt water many times a day. If your child’s dentist does not recommend pain medication, you can give them children Tylenol or Ibuprofen. These should only be used after the clot has formed.

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Tooth removal, whether it be a baby tooth or a permanent one, is never an easy experience for children. However, if you are prepared and take the necessary steps beforehand, your child will have a better chance of having a positive encounter at the dentist’s office. Set an appointment now with your pediatric dentist to know more about tooth extraction! Our goal is to make your child’s dental appointments a pleasant and stress-free experience.

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