What to Do When Cavities Show Up Early in Front Teeth

What to Do When Cavities Show Up Early in Front Teeth | Junior Smiles Of Stafford

Tooth decay affects a large percentage of children under the age of three. It’s common for your child to get their first set of incisors by the time they are one year old. The molars, which extend to the rear of the mouth, begin to erupt during the second year of life. Because they are the first to erupt, a baby’s front teeth are particularly vulnerable to decay.

Cavities are no fun at any age, but they can be incredibly frustrating when they show up early in front teeth. To avoid more severe dental procedures in cases of tooth decay, it is important to treat cavities as soon as possible. The dental treatment will be simplified if cavities are discovered early.

If you’re worried that your child’s new cavities mean a trip to the family dentist in your near future, don’t worry – there are some things you can do to help make the process a little less daunting. Keep reading for tips on dealing with early-stage cavities in front teeth.

Causes of Front Tooth Cavity

Here are some of the common causes of your child’s front teeth cavity:

  • Sugary foods and drinks (also acidic foods and drinks such as soft drinks).
  • Food particles that are left in your teeth.
  • Inadequate brushing or forgetting to do so.
  • Skipping flossing and your oral health care routine.
  • Lack of fluoride.
  • Acid reflux.

Children are more likely to develop cavities in their front teeth as a result of the following behaviors, according to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which was published on HealthyChild.org:

  • Sipping on sweet drinks, milk, and fruit juices throughout the day in a bottle or sippy cup
  • Children sleep with bottles of sugar-sweetened drinks, milk, and juice – even diluted with water – on their lips. This disorder, known as baby-bottle tooth decay (BBTD), can develop if a baby falls asleep while nursing.
  • When parents share utensils, cups, or pacifiers with their children, or when they clean pacifiers by placing them in their mouths, they are sharing saliva.

Signs of Childhood Tooth Decay

Childhood caries develop gradually and might be challenging to detect in its first phases. You may spot tooth decay if:

  • Teeth resembling brownish-dark spots suggest that the child suffers from advanced decay.
  • A yellow, brown, or black band on the tooth’s surface closest to the gum line is a sign of tooth decay.
  • A dull white strip on the tooth’s surface closest to the gum line — is the first indicator and is typically unnoticed by parents.

A dentist or other oral health practitioner can reverse early childhood caries in their earliest stages. Sadly, because the early stages can be challenging to detect, early childhood disintegration is typically not caught until the later, more severe stages. You cannot reverse it, and the youngster may require extensive dental care.

Front Tooth Decay Treatment Options

The dentist will remove the decayed section of the tooth and fill it with a strong, restorative substance. Tooth-colored fillings can be utilized to achieve a more natural appearance.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may be essential for the most severe kinds of dental decay. Extraction is performed only when the decay is so severe that no other treatment may save the tooth.


Pulpal therapy and crowns may be necessary if the decay reaches the tooth’s pulp. During this operation, a small amount of the inner pulp is removed, and medication is administered.


In most cases, dental fillings address cavities and decay in a young child’s front or molar teeth. A filling is then put into the tooth once the cavity has been removed.

Front Tooth Implant

Replacing a lost front tooth with a dental implant is a standard procedure. Implants don’t alter your natural teeth in any way, unlike a dental bridge, which necessitates the preparation of surrounding teeth for dental crowns.

Preventing Front Tooth Cavity

Fortunately, there are easy steps you can do that will significantly minimize your and your child’s risk of tooth decay:

  • Floss (interdental cleaning)
  • Balanced diet (avoid foods and drinks with high sugar content.)
  • Have a regular dental appointment.
  • Brush teeth regularly with fluoride.

You can have a beautiful smile for the rest of your life if you follow a regular oral hygiene regimen. If you want a healthy mouth, avoid meals and drinks high in sugar or acid, and floss at least twice a day.

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