Can Pacifiers Really Damage Teeth?

Can Pacifiers Really Damage Teeth?
Can Pacifiers Really Damage Teeth? | Junior Smiles of Stafford

The use of pacifiers can affect both the development and alignment of teeth and the jawline after the age of three. This can also damage the teeth be referred to “pacifier teeth”. 

If your child is constantly sucking on a pacifier, their auditory canals may be constantly open. The auditory canals are not supposed to be open constantly. The ear canal can become infected with bacteria or middle ear infections if not properly cleaned.

What dental issues can be caused by pacifiers?

Most of the time, however, dental health difficulties emerge due to a child using a pacifier for an excessive amount of time.

Misaligned bites

The most well-known consequence of excessive use of pacifiers is a misaligned bite. Malocclusions, such as a crossbite or an open bite, fall under this category.

Even in older children who have stopped using pacifiers, these oral problems are more likely to occur. Children who use pacifiers frequently may have their teeth shift and even alter the structure of their mouths to fit the presence of a foreign object daily.

Cavities and gingival recession

Pacifier use has been linked to gingival recession or loss of gum tissue.

During gum recession, a portion of the gum tissue covering the teeth is worn away or pushed back, revealing more of the tooth or the base. “Pockets” emerge between teeth and gums as gum recession begins, making it easier for disease-causing germs to accumulate. 

In addition, parents who dunk their children’s pacifiers in sugary liquids are also to blame. Although it has an appealing perfume and taste, it is not advised for children under the age of 12 due to its high sugar content. Their teeth and gums are more likely to get irritated due to the sugary environment, resulting in tooth decay.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pacifier Teeth

How to use pacifiers responsibly and avoid damage to the teeth?

Remember that how hard a child sucks can significantly influence the potential for dental problems to arise. Baby teeth problems are less likely to occur if the pacifier or thumb is gently placed in the mouth rather than actively sucked. Parents should observe how their children use pacifiers.

Pacifiers that aren’t one-piece or have removable sections or liquid insides should be avoided if you’re shopping for one. Pacifiers should be washed frequently and should not be dipped in sugary liquids.

Can pacifier teeth be reversed?

The formation of pacifier teeth can only be reversed with skilled medical care. Thus it is essential to remember that pacifiers can cause a variety of health issues. It’s necessary to keep an eye on your child’s dental health as they grow and to ensure that pacifiers are safe for your child to use.

When is the best time to take away a pacifier?

Children should be weaned from their pacifiers by the age of three, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). If you discard the pacifier before the age of three, your child is less likely to develop malocclusions.

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