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It’s not news when parents bombard the pediatric dentist’s office with questions about their children’s dental health, from which toothbrush they should give to the extra rows of teeth growing. And it’s also exciting for parents to witness their child’s first set of baby teeth and their first set of permanent adult teeth. Around the age of five, your child will begin to get their first set of “adult” teeth, which, if properly cared for, will last them for the rest of their lives.

It’s possible, though, that a permanent tooth may begin to erupt while the primary tooth is still in the mouth. This is called shark teeth; continue reading to know more about this!

What Are Shark Teeth in Children?

Shark teeth feature two rows of teeth because the roots did not disintegrate quickly enough.

Moreover, shark teeth occur when the permanent adult teeth come up behind the baby teeth before they have fallen out, resulting in a double row of teeth typically worrying for both youngsters and parents. This is most common between the ages of 5 and 7 years old. While it is most common on the bottom front teeth, it can also occur as the upper incisors or primary molars begin to emerge.

In most cases, no treatment is required since the adult teeth will eventually grow in and fill the gap left by the baby teeth.

Do kids’ shark teeth fix themselves?

Even when the new tooth is erupting, the baby tooth progressively loosens and falls out on its own in cases where shark teeth are present. A child’s wiggle might disrupt a loose baby tooth root, which is common in children. Your child may feel uncomfortable throughout this process, and the permanent tooth just pushes up behind the baby tooth. As a result, the baby tooth can remain in place. There is no strain on the baby tooth to destroy the root while the new permanent tooth emerges fully. If this is the case, it’s best to have the baby’s tooth pulled.

Even if it takes several weeks or even months, the new adult tooth will finally move into its proper position.

Why does my child have shark teeth?

Permanent teeth usually appear slightly below the baby teeth. It begins to dissolve out the baby tooth’s root when the permanent teeth are ready to erupt. This causes the baby’s tooth to fall out. The permanent tooth should ideally occupy the same space in the mouth as the baby tooth did when it first erupted.

Occasionally, the roots of baby teeth may not begin to disintegrate and remain firm. The ectopic eruption occurs when the permanent tooth erupts through the gums behind the baby tooth because it still needs a place to go. The ectopic eruption is a common occurrence in kids who lack the space to fit the larger adult teeth, but a variety of other factors can also cause it. Luckily, you should not be worried about the development of shark teeth as this is common among kids!

What should I do if my child has a shark tooth?

Should you worry? You can ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is my baby’s baby tooth wiggling?
  2. Is it normal for my child to be losing teeth at this time? A child’s first permanent teeth usually erupt between the ages of 7 and 12, when the second set of molars appears.

If you answered yes, there’s no need to worry about the situation and let the adult teeth do their job. Just make sure to take care of your child’s overall oral health.

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