Where to Get Tooth Spacers for Your Child

Where to Get Tooth Spacers for Your Child | Junior Smiles of Stafford

Some children lose a tooth before their adult teeth erupt; this is known as premature tooth loss. It may not seem like a major deal at first, but if it isn’t properly maintained, it might cause even more problems. If you want to make sure your child’s adult teeth erupt properly, ask your dentist about using space maintainers.

Your child’s space maintainer (spacer) is intended to help hold space after a tooth has been pulled. It was created just for your child’s mouth and teeth. It won’t move the teeth like braces, and it won’t save you from needing braces in the future either. It does, however, work to keep teeth from shifting.

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What Are Dental Spacers?

Space maintainers are designed to “maintain” the gap left by a baby tooth that has fallen out. Metal or acrylic are the most common materials, and they can either be permanently attached to the mouth or be easily removed. In contrast to fixed space maintainers, removable maintainers resemble orthodontic tools and may even include a fake tooth. To keep the teeth around a missing baby tooth from shifting, these devices are used. The space maintainer will be removed after the permanent tooth begins to emerge, as it has served its role.

Four types of Space Maintainers

  • Unilateral space maintainers are made to wrap around an existing tooth on one side of the mouth only. Metal loops extend into the space created by a lost tooth in order to keep the area safe and secure for future dental work.
  • An erupting permanent tooth requires a certain amount of space, which is why distal shoe space maintainers are placed beneath the gum line. The first permanent molar is the only tooth in the mouth that requires a space maintainer of this sort.
  • Patients who have lost several baby teeth may use Lingual Space Maintainers. A metal wire connects the implants to the lower front teeth after they are attached to the molars using dental cement.
  • Crown and loop space maintainers are similar to unilateral space maintainers, except they use a dental crown over the existing tooth rather than wrapping around it.

Using space maintainers in your child’s mouth can help prevent a variety of oral health issues.

How Long Can A Tooth Spacer Stay In?

In order to prevent additional space loss, space maintainers aim to keep the area formerly occupied by the missing tooth.

For the most part, a spacer is only worn for a few weeks. The “contact” between your teeth is now open after removing the gadget. If you detect any soreness after the spacer is put in, it will probably only last a few days. After a while, you may no longer have that “something caught between your teeth” sensation.

Will Spacers Hurt My Teeth?

Wearing orthodontic spacers is generally painless, but it can cause some discomfort in the area where they are placed. When this happens, it’s as though something is wedged in between your teeth. If you’re tempted, resist the urge to floss! You know it’s working properly when it seems like something is snagged between your skin and the spacer.

After a few days, you’re likely to forget about the spacer altogether. On the first day, it will be most noticeable to you. Initially, it may cause some discomfort, but this minor abrasion shouldn’t stay long. Even though it’s only forcing your two teeth apart by a small amount, the sensation you’re getting on other parts of your mouth is quite similar to having braces on.

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