What’s The Difference Between A Pediatric Dentist And A Family Dentist?

What Is A Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist also referred to as a dentist for kids, is a highly qualified dental professional who has received additional training and skills to specifically treat the emotional, developmental, and medical needs of children patients. A pediatric dentist in Stafford VA is responsible for developing good habits and implementing proper care regiments.

What Does A Pediatric Dentist Do?

A Pediatric Dentist such as Dr. Azar understands the importance of maintaining the health of primary teeth. When issues are left untreated, cavities often lead to problems with developing permanent teeth. Primary teeth or baby teeth are important for proper chewing, guiding permanent teeth into the correct position, and permitting the normal development of jaw bones and muscles. Primary teeth also add to an attractive appearance and the development of speech. The main responsibilities of a pediatric dentist include:

  • Diagnosing oral diseases
  • Promoting, maintaining, and restoring oral health
  • Monitoring growth and development of teeth and jaws
  • Repairing decaying teeth
  • Fixing dental injuries

What Is A Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a dental professional who accepts patients of all ages. Family dentists focus on educating patients of all ages about teeth cleaning techniques. Whether they’re teaching a child a proper brushing routine or showing an elderly patient the correct way to care for their dentures, a family dentist ensures you and your entire family maintain good dental care habits.

What Does A Family Dentist Do?

A family dentist makes it easier for your entire family to receive care from the same professional at the same location. A Stafford family dentist will provide dental services such as:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Root canals
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cavity identification
  • Fillings
  • Fluoride treatments

What Are The Benefits Of A Pediatric Dentist?

In order to become a pediatric dentist, a standard dentist must complete additional training and education in all areas of pediatric dentistry and surgery. Child psychology, development, and recognizing conditions that require orthodontic care are all apart of their continuing education. The training for a pediatric dentist includes:

  • Treatment of medically compromised and special needs children
  • Management of developmental and growth issues
  • Treatment of children with anesthesia
  • Management of invasive and preventative oral care of children

Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist For Your Child?

Pediatric dentists are experts in children’s dentistry. Many parents prefer their children to be cared for by a dental professional who specializes in treating children specifically. Children have very different dental care needs and experience different dental issues than adults do. Pediatric dentists are the most qualified medical professionals to treat children’s dental problems and help maintain good oral health.

Finding The Difference Between A Pediatric Dentist And A Family Dentist

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