The Costs of Getting White Crowns on Toddler’s Teeth

The Costs of Getting White Crowns on Toddler's Teeth
The Costs of Getting White Crowns on Toddler’s Teeth | Junior Smiles of Stafford

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You work hard to provide for them and ensure they have everything they need. One of the things you may sometimes overlook is their oral hygiene, but it’s important nonetheless.

And although you always keep an eye on your child’s dental health, things inevitably happen, such as cavities. And pediatric crowns are the most common dental treatment for this. If the cavity is still tiny, a simple filling can be done by your pediatric dentist. However, the baby tooth may need a crown “cap” if the decay has severely affected it. However, this is not always the case. Crowns are used to repair teeth that have extensive decay that would otherwise cause them to break if repaired with a simple filling.

If you think your toddler may need one, keep on reading!

What Is A Pediatric Dental Crown?

It is a common type of restorative dentistry for children is the dental crown. For example, it can restore a tooth’s structure, health, and functionality. To repair and restore a tooth that has been fractured, has not formed properly, or has one or more cavities that are too large for a filling to be successful, your child’s pediatric dentist may suggest a crown. When it comes to a metal-free, aesthetically attractive, and sturdy alternative for a crown for children, white zirconia has emerged as an excellent choice thanks to advancements in dentistry and the need for a strong, beautiful, and metal-free repair.

Can Toddlers Get White Crowns?

Your child’s teeth can last longer with pediatric crowns that can help treat extensive tooth decay. To avoid early tooth loss, crowns can serve as a proactive preventative treatment for baby teeth that are soft or otherwise at risk. Dental crowns for your kid can help prevent the progression of tooth decay and save your child from requiring more extensive dental repair in the future by correcting cavities and avoiding future ones.

Children can have white zirconia dental crowns instead of stainless steel crowns. There is no metal in this white zirconia dental crown since it has a biocompatible material, is incredibly aesthetic, and is the most durable material used in pediatric dentistry today. Though it looks like porcelain dental crowns, zirconia is far more long-lasting than them.

Other Common Options

  • Stainless steel crown or a silver crown: When aesthetics aren’t a factor like the back molars, these sturdy, long-lasting crowns are often the best option.
  • Pre-veneered stainless steel crowns: For more visible teeth, pre-veneered crowns are often utilized. However, the stainless steel in these crowns can occasionally be seen, especially at the gum line.
  • Bonded resin composite strip crowns: Composite resin crowns are among the more aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking crowns on the market.

How much do white caps for teeth cost?

The cost of a single crown for a child’s teeth ranges from $300 to $500. There are a variety of factors that might influence how much a dental implant procedure will cost. Your child’s health may need it, and insurance will pay most of the expense in many circumstances. The first step is to bring your child in to acquire a treatment plan and a price breakdown for the services provided.

However, zirconia crowns are often more expensive than other dental crowns, such as ceramic, metal, and porcelain. They cost between $1,000 and $2,500.

Why are pediatric crowns required even if it’s not their permanent teeth yet?

Pulling a child’s baby teeth prematurely might delay or prevent the eruption of the adult tooth. Adult teeth can’t grow properly if that gap is left open for too long, which might lead to further troubles for your child. To assist your kid in preventing future dental issues, your dentist might recommend that you place a pediatric crown in their mouth.

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