What makes a good dentist for kids is a dentist who specializes in oral care specifically for children. Many dentists will say their office is kid friendly and may think they can work in a child’s mouth just because they have the practice, but it’s important to know whether the dentist for your child has tailored training towards young kids. Dr. Azar and the team at Junior Smiles of Stafford wants to educate families in the Stafford, VA area that are looking for pediatric dentist what they should expect for their child.

How they communicate

The dentist office isn’t the most exciting visit for children. Initially they will be afraid because they don’t know what to expect. An expert pediatric dentist will be able to speak with your child in an appropriate manner to their age about:

  • what procedures might take place
  • what they are going to do to help their teeth be strong and healthy
  • how they can make them more comfortable
  • feeling safe in their care

Children will have many questions coming from a dentist office and many beliefs that a great pediatric dentist, such as Dr. Azar, will be well aware. For instance, the tooth fairy who takes their baby teeth and leaves money under their pillows for them. It’s important that your child feels a sense of respect for their pediatric dentist. One that is able to explain to them that baby teeth are only placeholders for your bigger and stronger teeth to have a chance to grow through. Having trust in your child’s dentist is key to making them feel more secure when it comes time to check their teeth.

Comfortable environment

Most dentist offices have a few toys lying around and a friendly little kid area for children waiting their turn for the dentist. Junior Smiles of Stafford suggests that the entire office should be child-proof. The right pediatric dentist for your child will have an office that won’t allow them to get into any trouble. The examination chair should be accessible for both your child and the dentist and the room should establish a sense of comfort for your child with colored walls and admirable posters to look at and dentist tools small enough to fit in their mouths.

A great pediatric dentist recognizes that every child is unique. They will have the respect and patience to care for your child. They should relate to your child that’s appropriate to their age group and be able to make the environment very comfortable for them so they feel safe in their hands. It’s no trouble looking for the right dentist for your child in Stafford, VA with the help of Dr. Azar and the team at Junior Smiles of Stafford.

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