A baby typically begins to grow teeth between four and seven months of age and can start as early as three months. As a good rule of thumb, plan on bringing your child to a pediatric dentist near Garrisonville, VA before their first birthday. This is what we call the age one dental visit.

What Do You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Teeth?

Tooth decay can begin shortly after the teeth come into your child’s mouth. This is called “baby bottle tooth decay.” It is important to intercept this problem before it becomes a major issue that affects your child’s health!

Another thing you should know is that the use of a pacifier and thumb sucking inhibit proper jaw growth and development. Down the line, it can cause an overjet (buck teeth) or a space in between the front teeth.

What are the benefits of taking your child to an age one dental visit?

At the age one dental visit we are able to focus on early:

· detection

· prevention

· treatment

We can also teach you and your child healthy dental habits for a healthy smile for life. So contact Dr. Azar and the professionals at Junior Smiles of Stafford to find out more about the age one visit: (540) 699-2441.