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What Causes Cavities In Babies?

preventing cavities for your baby stafford vaCavities are caused by the child’s teeth and gums are exposed to any liquid or food other than water frequently or for long periods throughout the day. Sugars in food and drinks are turned into acid by bacteria in the mouth. This acid is what dissolves the outer part of the teeth, causing cavities and decay. The most common way this happens is when children go to bed with a bottle of formula, milk, juice, soft drink, or other sugary drink.

How To Prevent Cavities For Your Baby

The first step to ensuring a good cavity prevention routine for your child begins with taking good care of your own oral health. It is important for parents to be properly informed about oral hygiene and oral care regiments. The best way to prevent cavities for your baby is to visit with a pediatric dentist in Stafford. It is perfectly fine to visit us while you are still pregnant. This allows Dr. Azar to be there every step of the way. Here are some tips to prevent cavities in your baby:

Keep Your Child’s Mouth Clean

From the time of birth up until the child’s first tooth, you can keep your baby’s mouth clean by gently wiping the gums with a clean washcloth. Once the first tooth comes in, a soft baby toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste should be used at least twice a day.

Drink From Regular Cup

It is important to not substitute a pacifier for a sippy cup. In fact, it is recommended that your child uses a regular cup by 12-15 months of age. Using a regular cup eliminates the chances of your baby falling asleep drinking milk or other sugary beverages as well as preventing liquid from collecting around the teeth.

Diet Restrictions

It is important to monitor the types of foods and beverages your child has. Sweet or sticky foods and drinks such as candy and juices. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than six months do not drink juice at all.

Early Visit

The American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that your child visits with a Stafford pediatric dentist such as Dr. Azar before the age of 1. An early visit will help establish a dental home and proper habits at a young age, reducing the risks of complications arising in the future.

Find A Pediatric Dentist For Preventing Cavities

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