Dr. Azar of Junior Smiles is a highly favored pediatric dentist who is dedicated to providing top quality pediatric dental care to patients throughout the Stafford County, Virginia area.

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When’s The Right Time For Kids To Visit A Dentist?

Along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend scheduling a child’s first visit by their first birthday. Dental problems can begin early, especially once a child’s diet expands to more foods. A child’s first tooth typically comes in between 6-12 months of age and establishing a dental care routine early on will protect their smile as they continue to grow.

First Visit With A Stafford Dentist

During your initial visit at Junior Smiles of Stafford, we will review your child’s medical and dental records followed by a thorough oral examination looking out for any signs of dental issues such as cavities.  As a top pediatric dentist, our specially trained staff here at Junior Smiles strive to make sure your child’s comfort comes first and we will always make sure they feel at ease while sitting in our chair.

Personalized Affordable Care

At Junior Smiles, we work with a large network of insurance providers to ensure your child receives the most economical choice for their personal dental care needs.  If you do not have insurance that covers dental procedures there is no need to worry, we would be happy to work out an affordable payment plan that fits your budget.  After all, providing beautiful and healthy smiles for families in our area is the most important thing we do!

Pediatric Concerns

We deal with all types of concerns that you would expect from a dentist for kids. Whether it is teething or thumb sucking we are always here to answer any question you or child may have to pertain to their dental care and treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment For Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have an initial evaluation with an orthodontist by the age of 7.  This is the age when adult teeth are replacing baby teeth, making any future arising issues easier to treat.  By receiving regular dental growth check-ups, our team will be able to determine the best time for any necessary treatment.

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Finding A Pediatric Dentist in Stafford County VA

If you are seeking pediatric dental or orthodontic care for your child look no further. Dr. Azar and our team at Junior Smiles of Stafford are dedicated to providing top quality pediatric dental care to patients from Stafford, Roseville, Garrisonville, Ramoth, Fredricksburg, Aquia Harbour, Woodbridge, Midway Island, Quantico Base, and the surrounding areas of Stafford County, Virginia.