Beware! Today, many dental practices advertise themselves as “family clinics,” or even “pediatric clinics,” but that doesn’t mean that they actually have a pediatric dentist there. A pediatric dentist has special training tailored to working primarily with children’s dentistry. Before you take your child to the dentist, be sure to call and ask if they have a pediatric dentist working there. In order to explain what makes a good pediatric dentist, Dr. Azar of Junior Smiles of Stafford is here to share his experience to better inform families seeking a pediatric dentist in the Stafford County VA area.

Choose the Right Pediatric Dentist for Your Child:

A great pediatric dentist will be able to talk with your children on a level appropriate for them- explaining what he/she’s doing, what certain procedures involve, and making them comfortable. Dr. Azar says that the latter, for instance, is a major part of pediatric dentistry as children may find the dentist’s office to be a bit frightening at times. This is an important skill that you should expect from a good pediatric dentist.

Children’s Atmosphere

An appropriate atmosphere shouldn’t begin with some waiting room toys or friendly animal posters. The entire office should be child-safe to prevent youngsters from getting in trouble. Your dentist’s chair should be easily accessible for both you and your child and should be in a room that promotes comfort. For example, a Junior Smiles of Stafford associate says to think of tools neatly arranged on an uncluttered desk, the dentist’s chair in the center of the room, with pictures adorning brightly-colored walls.

Respect and Patience

It’s important to make sure that your children will be able to trust the dentist in order for them to feel comfortable and safe with them. Any good pediatric dentist understands this concept, and Dr. Azar says this makes for a generally more pleasing experience overall for parents, children, and professionals.

Kid-Size Equipment

Every pediatric dentist knows that children have much smaller mouths than adults- and will make exemptions for the size variance. For instance, one of our Junior Smiles of Stafford friends says that your dentist should be able to expedite x-rays by using child-sized film or use smaller scale dental tools for accuracy.

Specially Tailored Treatments

Every parent knows that their child is unique, and a pediatric dentist should recognize this as well. It’s important for your dentist to be informed of your child’s needs in order to create a treatment plan. Dr. Azar says that she usually talks with her patients before any procedure to inform them of what’s going to happen, what she’s going to do and to make notes on anything your child may not be comfortable with so that she can adjust his procedure accordingly.

In conclusion, your pediatric dentist should be able to relate to your child on their level, have an office atmosphere meant for kids, have respect and patience for your child, be equipped with correct tools for pediatric dentistry, and be able to tailor a personalized treatment plan for your child. If you’ve been searching for a pediatric dentist in the Stafford VA area with all of these traits, then look no further than Dr. Azur and our friends at Junior Smiles of Stafford!

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