What Happens When Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out and New Teeth Come In?

What Happens When Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out and New Teeth Come In? | Junior Smiles of Stafford

Around the age of four or five, children begin to lose their baby teeth, and this process might go on for several years. This is usually a smooth process, with the baby teeth dropping out and the permanent teeth growing into the vacant gaps.

Moreover, it is entirely normal to worry if you notice your child’s permanent tooth eruption despite still having their baby teeth. However, this is not a big deal. It is also one of the most common dental concerns of parents. Toothaches, crowding, and even a condition known as “shark teeth” (or having two rows of teeth) might result from this. Despite their terrifying appearance, shark teeth are really rather common in children and are easily cured.

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How Does Shark Teeth Happen?

Permanent teeth resorb the roots of baby teeth as they emerge behind them, resulting in the baby tooth becoming loose and eventually falling out. A permanent one replaces the baby tooth.

The baby tooth root will not be pushed out if no permanent teeth are growing behind it. When this happens, the teeth take on a “shark-tooth” look. Children’s shark teeth may appear unusual or unsettling, but they are quite common and rarely cause dental issues.

This usually has 2 phases:

First phase: This happens around the age of 6, the lower front teeth begin to erupt.

Second phase: This happens around the age of 11, the upper back molars begin to erupt.

Is it normal for permanent teeth to come in before baby teeth fall out?

Shark teeth are quite common in children, and if you’re a worried parent, don’t worry; it can be treated.

Moreover, you should schedule dental appointments with your pediatric dentist if any of these happen:

  • Teeth crowding may prevent pushing out the overlying pairs of teeth.
  • Extra teeth can prevent the regular eruption of permanent teeth. Your orthodontist can tell you if your child is developing typically or if something is wrong with his or her teeth with a simple x-ray.
  • Permanent teeth are absent because of a congenital disability. It is possible to keep baby teeth with no underlying permanent substitutes for as long as possible.

What happens if a baby tooth doesn’t fall out?

Occasionally, your child’s permanent teeth will grow behind the baby teeth, causing your kid to have two rows of teeth. Adults may think this means that they should force the baby tooth to come out in order to create a place for the adult teeth, but this is not advisable. DIY tooth extraction is never advisable! This should not be done. If given enough time, the primary baby tooth will usually fall out on its own. Wiggling it gently can help your youngster loosen up more rapidly.

Get in touch with a dentist for assistance if their teeth do not fall out after a few months. Your child will experience minor discomfort, and there will be less risk of nerve damage surrounding the mouth if a dentist performs the extraction.

Will shark teeth move forward?

Your child’s dentist may not even need to intervene if the tongue moves them forward on its own. However, your pediatric dentist may get concerned if those little teeth simply won’t move out of the way sometimes. An indication that something has to be done is when the permanent teeth are nearly the same height concerning baby teeth.

Your dentist should remove the baby teeth at that moment, as the permanent ones will have less mobility and will be less likely to progress forward if the baby teeth are removed or fall out.

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Do you notice two rows of teeth in your child? It is somehow bothering, make sure to learn more about it and how to handle it. Get in touch with a pediatric dentist immediately. Our goal is to make your child’s dental appointments a pleasant and stress-free experience.

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