How Do Dentists Fill in Cavities for Toddlers?

How Do Dentists Fill in Cavities for Toddlers? | Junior Smiles of Stafford

Though baby teeth will eventually fall out, they must still keep the healthy baby teeth until the adult teeth guide them out of the gums, ensuring that the adult teeth grow in appropriately and with enough room. That’s why teaching good oral hygiene habits to children starts as soon as their baby teeth begin to erupt. Despite your best attempts to keep your children’s teeth clean, they may still develop cavities. Unfortunately, cavities in toddlers are an all-too-regular occurrence. When it comes to treating cavities in children, the most important thing is to keep their teeth healthy.

If you are aware of the signs and symptoms of cavities in your children, you can get them treated promptly to prevent more harm to their teeth from occurring.

Importance of Baby Teeth

There are two key functions for baby teeth in the early stages of a child’s life, and those are to help them chew solid foods and provide placement for adult teeth.

First and foremost, baby teeth enable developing children to chew and consume solid foods. Toddlers can eat solid meals because of their baby teeth, which allow them to chew and swallow them properly.

Second, baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth and guide them into place when they begin to erupt (erupting). To avoid overcrowding in a child’s mouth, baby teeth make room for the erupting adult teeth.

How Do Toddlers Get Cavities?

Babies don’t have any teeth; therefore, there is nothing for bacteria and plaque to develop on. However, once tooth development begins, baby teeth also have a high risk for tooth decay; the same goes with adult teeth.

The buildup of plaque on teeth when germs from the mouth begin. Bacteria and plaque can contribute to tooth decay and cavities if they aren’t properly removed from the mouth. Everyone’s mouth goes through this process, no matter what age they are at the time.

Certain habits put your child at a higher risk for tooth decay, even if you can’t eliminate all microorganisms from their mouth. These are some of the behaviors:

  • Eating sugary foods
  • Not encouraging them to have an excellent dental hygiene routine
  • Drinking water with low or no fluoride content

It would be best to take care of your child’s teeth as soon as they reach the age of one or whenever baby teeth begin to emerge.

Moreover, you have no control over the following factors that may contribute to tooth decay:

  • Crooked teeth (this makes cleaning difficult)
  • Genetic disposition to cavities

How Does a Dentist Do a Filling on a Toddler?

The question “Do children’s cavities need to be filled?” consistently ponders in every parent’s mind because of the fact that these baby teeth will eventually fall out. While every circumstance is unique, most dentists believe that filling baby teeth cavities in children is preferable to repairing them. Dentists will do their best to protect baby teeth, even if the filling is more than five years old. Because they will eventually fall out, a baby’s teeth are essential for their health and development.

Adults and children alike undergo the same treatment for filling a cavity. There will be a dental examination to see how serious a problem is with a child’s tooth. Depending on the severity of the decay, the dentist might choose from two options:

Baby Tooth Filling

The most common treatment for tiny cavities in children’s teeth is a dental filling. Like in a dental filling, the dentist will gently remove the decay, fill the hole with a metal or a composite material, and then fix the material to the tooth.

Children under the age of eight are often sent to a pediatric specialist, who can give experience in calming your kid as well as therapies such as child sedation. It can also be beneficial to communicate with your child ahead of time to explain what will happen.

Baby Tooth Crown

The dental crown procedure is recommended when your child is experiencing severe tooth decay. In order to strengthen and repair the structure of a tooth, crowns are placed on top of it.

Like a child’s tooth filling, the dental crown treatment can be completed in a single visit. When you go to the dentist, you may expect that the professional will:

  1. Numb the region to be treated with the crown
  2. Eliminate the decay
  3. Tooth shaping for a perfect fit
  4. Put the crown on and fix it in place with the help of the cement.

Dental professionals frequently install a less expensive, silver-colored crown on an infant’s teeth because they aren’t meant to last. So, if your child has a silver tooth for a few years, don’t be surprised. When the permanent tooth erupts, the baby tooth will fall out.

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