How to Handle Your Child’s Crooked Baby Teeth

How to Handle Your Child’s Crooked Baby Teeth | Junior Smiles of Stafford

If you are the parent of a young child, you have probably noticed that their baby teeth aren’t quite straight. Unfortunately, many children have crooked baby teeth. This is usually because the baby teeth are erupting in a space that is already crowded with adult teeth.

However, if your child’s teeth are significantly crooked or causing them problems, talk to a dentist to see your options. There are treatments available that can help improve the alignment of your child’s teeth, and early intervention is always best. 

This post will go over some of the options available for treating crooked baby teeth. We’ll also discuss when to seek treatment and how to prepare your child for braces or other dental treatments. So keep reading if you’re concerned about your child’s crooked baby teeth!

Why Do My Child’s Baby Teeth Come In Crooked?


Genetics are often the reason baby teeth come in crooked. Sometimes, a child’s teeth may be misaligned because their jaw is not formed correctly. Other times, the child may have inherited a trait from one or both of their parents that causes their teeth to come in crooked.

Early Tooth Decay

Baby teeth are more susceptible to decay because they are softer and have less enamel than adult teeth. If your child’s baby teeth decay, it can cause them to become misshapen or crooked. Early tooth decay is often caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth. Plaque can cause cavities in the teeth and, if left untreated, can lead to infection and tooth loss.

Chewing Non-Food Items

If your child is constantly chewing on hard objects, such as pencils or nails, this can put pressure on their teeth and cause them to become misaligned. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your child does not chew on anything other than food items and that you do not allow them to swallow any object they are chewing.

Thumb Sucking or Pacifiers

Another common reason a child’s teeth become crooked is that a child sucks their thumb. Thumb sucking can push teeth out of alignment and cause them to grow at different rates.

Bottle Feeding

When babies are bottle-fed, they tend to suck on the bottle more vigorously than they do when breastfeeding, and this can cause the teeth to come in crooked.

How to Handle Your Baby’s Teeth Coming In Crooked

If you notice that your baby’s teeth are crooked, the best thing to do is consult a dentist. There are a few possible reasons for this, and a dentist will be able to determine the cause and recommend the best course of action. It could be simply that your baby’s mouth is too small for all of their teeth, and they will eventually straighten out on their own. It could also be due to an underlying issue with the jaw or teeth, in which case your dentist may recommend early orthodontic treatment. Either way, it’s best to get an opinion from a professional to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and developing correctly.

When to See a Dentist When Your Baby Has Crooked Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing baby teeth is one of the most common reasons for crooked teeth in infants and young children. When a baby tooth falls out too early, the adjacent teeth may begin to shift into the space. This can cause the teeth to become misaligned or overcrowded.


One of the main problems, when baby teeth are crooked, is overcrowding. This happens when there is not enough space for all teeth, and they start to crowd each other. This can cause several problems, including pain, difficulty chewing and speaking, and an increased risk of cavities and gum disease.

Too Many Teeth

Hyperdontia is a dental condition that results in the presence of additional teeth. While it is generally considered a cosmetic issue, hyperdontia can sometimes lead to problems with speech and chewing.

What to Expect When You See A Dentist For Your Baby’s Crooked Teeth

The dentist will assess your child’s teeth and evaluate the severity of the problem. If your child has a milder case of crooked teeth, the dentist may suggest simply monitoring the situation. However, if the problem is more severe, they may recommend braces or other corrective treatments.

Moreover, the dentist will discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best course of action for your child. They’ll also answer any questions about treatment options, risks, and benefits.

Crooked Baby Teeth Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it normal for a baby’s teeth to be crooked?

Yes, it is normal for baby teeth to be crooked. Baby teeth are usually straighter than adult teeth, but they may still have some crookedness. Many babies will start to lose their baby teeth around six, and their adult teeth will come in soon after. If your baby’s adult teeth are coming in and they are still crooked, you may want to consult a dentist to see if anything can be done to straighten them out.

Should I worry about crooked baby teeth?

No, there is no need to worry about crooked baby teeth. Crooked teeth are a very common issue, and most children will outgrow them without any problems. However, if you are concerned about your child’s teeth, you can always talk to their dentist or orthodontist to get their professional opinion. 

Do kids’ crooked teeth straighten out?

Yes, most kids’ crooked teeth will eventually straighten out as they grow and mature. However, if your child’s teeth are still crooked by reaching adulthood, they may need to see a dentist for orthodontic treatment.

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