What You Should Know About Kids’ Teeth Cleaning

Know About Kids’ Teeth Cleaning | Junior Smiles of Stafford

Parental education on the need of proper oral hygiene should begin at a young age. Giving children this head start will ensure that they always take good care of their teeth and gums. Having your child’s teeth cleaned regularly is one approach to keep their mouths clear and healthy. The significance of regular dental cleanings for children is enormous, and they are an essential component of children’s dental examinations and preventative health care. A child’s pearly whites will last longer with regular dental cleanings, which also prevent cavities, foul breath, and other oral health problems and identify any major dangers. 

While adult dental cleanings are mostly the same, there are a few subtle differences that dentists use to make children feel more at ease and even look forward to their appointments. In this article, we will discuss the significance of regular dental cleanings for children, what you can anticipate from them, and when it is best to schedule them.

When to Start Taking Kids to the Dentist

In knowing when to start taking kids to the dentist, the answer is that children should have their scheduled visit about six months following the emergence of their first tooth. Even though your kid won’t have a cleaning on their first visit, regular checkups will help them become comfortable in the chair and ready for their first session when the time comes. Plus, if you begin early on, your child’s dental health will gradually improve. This is due to the fact that dental practitioners have extensive training in detecting the causes of tooth cavity and abnormalities before they progress.

Why Should Kids Have Their Teeth Cleaned?

Dental health in children is often overshadowed by cavities and tooth decay, two of the most common issues in pediatric dentistry. The key to preventing these is regular dental cleanings. These cleanings are more than just a routine procedure; they are a preventive strategy against future dental problems. Not only do they rid the teeth of plaque and tartar, which are the main culprits behind tooth decay, but they also serve as a critical opportunity for early detection of potential dental issues. Detecting problems like misalignment or orthodontic concerns early on ensures simpler, less invasive treatments.

Moreover, introducing children to dental care in a positive and friendly manner is vital. This early exposure helps instill a lifetime habit of regular dental visits, contributing to sustained oral health. Importantly, oral health is deeply intertwined with overall health. Issues like gum disease, stemming from poor oral hygiene, have been linked to more significant health concerns, including heart disease and diabetes.

Finally, childhood is the perfect time to instill good oral hygiene habits. Routine cleanings are not just about maintaining healthy teeth and gums; they are also educational, teaching children the value of oral care. Professional cleanings ensure a thorough clean, something that regular brushing and flossing at home might not always achieve. Thus, these cleanings lay the groundwork for a future of good oral health and overall well-being.

What To Expect During A Kids Teeth Cleaning

The American Dental Association’s recommended age for dental cleaning is either within six months or before your child turns one year old. Maintaining a healthy set of primary teeth requires regular dental cleanings for children. Unless proper dental hygiene is maintained, the eruption of permanent teeth could be jeopardized by issues like cavities.  The following are some things to anticipate from your child’s dental cleaning appointments:

Dental X-rays

On their initial visit to the dentist, most pediatricians will recommend dental X-rays. Normal intervals between the first set of X-rays and subsequent sets are one to two years. X-rays play a crucial role in exploring the child’s oral development in more detail. Before the permanent teeth erupt through the gums, they may aid in the detection of dental health issues such as orthodontic problems.

Cleaning and Flossing

Your child’s teeth will be brushed and flossed with the assistance of a dental hygienist. While your child is in the chair, the hygienist will check their gums and teeth for health and explain methods they may brush and floss more effectively at home. A hygienist’s toolbox also includes floss, a metal-hook-shaped scraper, and toothbrushes. This scraper is a specialized dental instrument for removing tartar from teeth. Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque may build up and lead to cavities if left unattended. This is just one more reason why everyone, from youngsters to parents, should see the dentist twice a year.

Tooth Polishing

Following the removal of tartar and plaque, your child will have the opportunity to experience the sensation of having their first tooth polished. A rubber polishing instrument and a flavor paste will be used to delicately wash their teeth throughout this process. In fact, some dental assistants will let your little one pick out their own polishing paste taste.

Fluoride Treatment

A simple and fast fluoride treatment is the last component of any dental examination. Your child’s teeth will be stronger and less susceptible to cavities after receiving fluoride treatment. It won’t take long at all to finish this treatment, which is quite identical to the ones you’ve had before.

How Often Does Your Child Need a Cleaning?

Dental checkups and cleanings are important for kids just as much as they are for adults. Your child’s dentist will probably suggest seeing them for a checkup and cleaning every six months if their gums and teeth are in good shape. However, it may be necessary to schedule additional sessions for gum disease prevention or a high risk of cavities between their routine examinations.

Start Your Child’s Journey to Healthy Smiles at Junior Smiles of Stafford

Incorporating regular dental cleanings into your child’s health routine is not just about tooth decay prevention and oral hygiene; it’s about setting the stage for lifelong healthy habits. At Junior Smiles of Stafford, we’re dedicated to making each dental visit a positive and enriching experience for your child. Our commitment goes beyond just dental care; we aim to instill confidence and comfort in young patients, ensuring they look forward to maintaining their dental health.

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